Take the Family Survey

If you have a child (under the age of 18) or a family with a child who accesses resources targeted for families with low incomes, we want to hear from you! Through this survey tell us:

  1. What services you use
  2. What challenges have you had accessing and using Burke County Services
  3. What you would like to see change

The Burke County Community Assessment is a two-year project to assess the resources that serve children living in poverty in Burke County. This initiative is a collaborative effort among Burke County agencies and families with a focus on transparency. As the project advances, visit this site often to learn more about the information gathered and how it is being used.  Agencies in Burke County are welcome to use the information posted here to supplement their own needs assessments, strategic plans, or grant-writing initiatives. If you have information to share, please contact sarah.sexton@dhhs.nc.gov.

 The Community Assessment Project will roll out in three phases: 

  • Phase I: Data Collection

  1. Define poverty by federal, state, and local standards.
  2. Describe the demographics of children living in poverty in Burke County.
  3. Identify and describe the services offered to families with children living in poverty. 
    1. Matrix of services
    2. Narrative description

  • Phase II: Data Analysis and Interpretation

  1. Analyze trends in resources and services available throughout Burke county.
  2. Describe how services are accessed by families.
  3. Investigate the barriers and challenges experienced by agencies and organizations charged with supporting families with children living in poverty.
  4. Investigate the barriers and challenges with accessing resources experienced by families with children living in poverty.

  • Phase III: Moving Forward

  1. Develop ideas and make recommendations for overcoming the challenges experienced by families and agencies/organizations.
  2. Develop a sustainable clearinghouse of information accessible to community agencies/organizations.
  3. Develop a sustainable plan for keeping data current and accessible to all who need it.

Share your agency's community assessment data.

Promote the surveys so that we have robust constituent data.

Review and use the data collected to establish gaps in services that can be filled through grant-writing and program expansion.

Share this site with others so our hard work can benefit the community.


Take the agency survey

If you are a representative of an agency in Burke County that provides resources for children living in poverty, we want to hear from you! Through this survey tell us:

  1. What resources you provide
  2. How families access your resources
  3. What the biggest barriers are to linking families with needed resources
  4. What changes you would like to see with how resources are accessed or provided



Burke County, North Carolina is growing and changing, and families need services to grow and change with it. The Community Foundation of Burke County is sponsoring a project to learn more about what services we have and what services we need to better help families with low incomes.


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