At-A-Glance Guides


A-A-Glances are guides to promote the use of specific evidence-based early intervention practices. Each At-A-Glance document describes the characteristic of a practice or set of practices, provides reflective questions to prompt self-analysis of the use of the practices, and provides prompts for thinking about continuous improvement. At-A-Glance guides include evidence based (a guide for considering the evidence base for specific treatments), Coaching (a guide for consider the use of an evidence-based coaching interaction style), natural learning environment practices (a guide for the use of interest-based routines as the context for parent-facilitated intervention), and resource based family support practices (a guide for using capacity-building strategies to support family priorities)..

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To request individual or group training on the use of natural learning environment practices, contact Sarah Sexton at the Family, Infant and Preschool Program at or (828)433-2661.